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ATC Water Pump - OEM 25100-03010

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  • About  ATC

AUTO TOP CO., LTD. are a Korean manufacturer of auto parts, specializing in producing water pumps, oil pumps and damper pulleys and thermostat which are important engine parts for automobiles.

We have produced our products with a ceaseless research and development and continuous quality management since 1993. As a result, our quality excellence is acknowledged in overseas market as well as domestic.

AUTO TOP produces the greatest number of water pumps, oil pumps and damper pulleys and thermostat for automobile in Korea. We are also manufacturing them for Japanese, American and European cars as well as Korean models. We are exporting our products to more than 50 countries in the world.

We promise that we become an international auto parts maker based on accumulated product development capabilities, quality competitiveness, and customers' confidence. And also we do our all bests to satisfy various needs from customers in overseas and domestic.

  • About product

Water pump is an automotive engine part, its function is to cool the engine by allowing the coolant to flow from the radiator to the cylinder’s water jacket.

Product parts

  • Pulley

We produce most of pulley in-house by using our own moulding. And also we procure some of pulley from OEM manufacturers.

  • Bearing

Autotop manufacture water pump and oil pump with qualifiedbearings from famous brands like GMB, KBC, KOYO, FAG and NSK.

  • Impeller

Autotop develop and design all the mouldings by itself.
Pulley, impeller and other required parts for water pump and oil pump are produced by our own mouldings in our factory.

  • Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is one of the most imporstant parts in assembling water pump.
If the seal fails, it causes coolant to leak from the water pump.
So, quality of the seal is very crucial. OEM water pumps.Autotop use mechanical seal produced only from Japan, Italy and Korea same as OEM manufacturers.

  • product specification
  • Water pump impeller material:Sheet Steel
  • Water Pump Type:for v-ribbed belt use
  • Operating Mode:Mechanical
  • Supplementary Article/Info 2:with water pump seal ring


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