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Car Care, Car Wash, Tyres & Rims

Motul Wheel Cleaner 500ml

  • Cleans and degreases all types of rims and hubcaps
  • Quality auto product for demanding enthusiasts
  • 500 mL spray bottle
  • Made in France
EGP 90 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Cyclo Tire SOS Non-Flammable

Cyclo Tire SOS Non-Flammable



Quickly reinflates & seals punctures from the inside of a damaged tire

Non-flammable product

Comes with a handy hose applicator for easy use

EGP 99 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care Cleaner & Shine

Cyclo Foam Away Tire Care Cleaner & Shine

One-Step Foam Cleans, Shines & Protects

• Dissolves & removes dirt & brake dust

• Restores a lustrous like-new finish

• Builds a barrier against cracking, fading & discoloration

• No rinsing or wiping required

EGP 95 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Cyclo Disc Brake Quiet

Cyclo Disc Brake Quiet 

High Temperature


• Stops disc brake squeal

• Fast drying

• Applies smoothly & evenly

EGP 95 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Cyclo Brake & Parts Clean - C111

Cyclo Brake & Parts Clean


Eliminates chlorinated solvent concerns in waste oil disposal

EGP 89 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Clean Up Tire Fome 250ml

Tire foam

Cleaner for tires

Removes dirt from the tires

Does not affect the tires in all types

Highly efficient product as it re-creates rubber as new again

EGP 33 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

O2 Shine Rim

Alkaline detergent that dissolves and rapidly removes dirt from metal and alloy rims and plastic hubcaps, Recommended also for advanced design and magnesium rims

EGP 135 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Bright Tyres Polish

Polished frames against cracks. Color and protects all types of tires. It is the nature of the adhesive and non-oily. It protects from weather

EGP 105 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

Q4 Brake cleaner

Q4 contain a spicial blend of solvent for cleaning and preparing brake and clutch system parts without the need to disassemble.
Acetone free formula ,safe to use on all braking systems including brake discs, pads,drums, shoes, master clyinder lining, calipers,cables,clutch parts and components.

EGP 85 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

SONAX PROFESSIONAL Brake & Parts Cleaner

High performing special cleaner for maintenance and repair work on brakes, clutch and engine components. Quickly removes brake dust, as well as oil, grease and silicone dirt and deposits, entirely residue-free. With 360° spray technology and spray nozzle for targeted spraying.

EGP 85 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims, Accessories

SONAX wheel rim sponge

For thoroughly cleaning wheel rims, used ideally in conjunction with all SONAX rim cleaners. For working on especially stubborn and difficult to access dirt deposits.

EGP 120 
Car Care, Interior, Tyres & Rims, Exterior

SONAX chrome & Alupaste

Care agent containing polish for aluminium and trim metals such as copper, brass and chrome. Removes rust and blind spots quickly and thoroughly, dissolves dirt and corrosion, restores the original shine and leaves a protective film.

EGP 110 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

SONAX Rim Cleaner

The cleaner for regular wheel rim maintenance. Ideal for cleaning normal grime.

Prevents the build up of stubborn dirt – especially brake dust. Acid-free and especially gentle formula.

EGP 150 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

SONAX Xtreme tyre gloss gel

Produces an ultimate, shiny black wet look on all tyre types. The innovate gel formula preserves and protects rubber against cracking and colour fading. The enclosed special sponge allows easy and even application without wasting product and causing stains on wheel rims, paint and floor. Lasts for several weeks.






EGP 285 
Car Care, Tyres & Rims

SONAX Xtreme wheel cleaner

Highly effective acid-free special cleaner for all types of steel and light alloy wheels. Easily removes even the most stubborn dirt, such as burnt-on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt.

EGP 185