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Car Care

Tawfiqia.com is an authorized distributor for many of automotive international brands available in Egypt and allows you to buy any products you want related to the automotive field online

Car care products on Tawfiqia.com, car wash, car shampoo, wax and polish, internal care, etc. Many products are on Tawfiqia website. Available now German Sonax products with Full range at agent prices.. Tawfiqia is the largest authorized distributor online.

Fluids, Car Care

Mobil Positive Power Fuel System Cleaner - 250 ML

  • Keeps the entire fuel system clean from combustion chamber to fuel injectors or carburetor for improved power & overall performance.
  • Better fuel economy & low exhaust emissions
  • Can be used on a regular basis to prevent any deposits & keep your fuel system as new.
EGP 53 
Car Care, Interior, Engine Cleaner


Highly effective additive package to stop loss of engine oil caused by leakage. Keeps engine gaskets flexible and stops oil leaking through seals. Compatible with all mineral and synthetic engine oils.


EGP 130 
Fluids, Car Care, Engine Cleaner


  • Cleans the engine before an oil change
  • Can be used in all types of 4-stroke engines with injection or carburetors, with or without catalytic converters, using all kinds of fuel
  • Keeps oil clean longer and restores engine compression
EGP 110 
Car Care, Car Wash, Interior, Exterior, Polishing & Wax

Motul Plastic Cleaner - 500ml

  • Revives plastics and leaves a shiny protective film
  • Quality auto product for demanding enthusiasts
  • 500 mL spray bottle
  •  Made in France
EGP 100 
Car Care, Car Wash, Interior, Exterior, Polishing & Wax

Motul GLASS CLEAN 500ml

  • Cleans and degreases without leaving a trace, all types of glass
  • Quality auto product for demanding enthusiasts
  • 500 mL spray bottle
  • Made in France


EGP 90 
Car Care, Car Wash, Interior, Exterior

Motul Exterior Express Shine 500ml

  • Revives paints and varnishes and leaves a shiny protective film
  • Quality auto product for demanding enthusiasts
  • 500 mL spray bottle
  • Made in France
EGP 100 
Car Care, Car Wash, Interior

Motul leather cleaner 500ml

  • Cleans, nourishes and revives all types of leather
  • Protects against external aggressions
  • Makes apparel water resistant
  • Prolongs the life of leather
EGP 90 
Car Care, Car Wash, Tyres & Rims

Motul Wheel Cleaner 500ml

  • Cleans and degreases all types of rims and hubcaps
  • Quality auto product for demanding enthusiasts
  • 500 mL spray bottle
  • Made in France
EGP 90 
Car Care

Nano Ceramic Coating 50 ML

Nanotechnology ceramic protection material

Long lasting for more than two years

Easy to use and distribute for professionals and professionals

Resistant to scratches, acids and burns

Maintains paint as new and bright colors

It is not affected by water and has a bright luster thanks to its special formula
EGP 1000 
Spare Parts, Maintenance packages, Car Care, Car Wash

Renault Automatic Maintenance Package Kadjar-Captur

Renault Manual Maintenance Package 10-30-50-70-90-110k KM

(Duster - New Fluence - Kadjar - Captur)

Original Air Filter - Original Oil Filter - Pan Washer - Engine Oil Elf 5w40 - Fluids Check - Repair Suspensions - Engine Clean - Computer Detection

These prices include installation .. To book the installation after purchasing from here  https://bit.ly/2SUnDw0  /  https://bit.ly/2H8P2Y7

EGP 1250 
Car Care, Engine Cleaner

Valvoline Engine Cleaner

Valvoline Engine Cleaner 500 ml. Thoroughly cleans throttle bodies, carburettors and air valves without residue. Safe for lambda probes and catalyst; chlorine-free.

EGP 85 
Car Care

Valvoline Cockpit Spray Foam

High quality cockpitspray to clean, protect and embellish the dashboard and other plastic parts in the car

EGP 61 
Car Care, Interior, Best Selling

SONAX Cockpit Spray 1L

Cleans and maintains all car interior plastics. Has a dust repellent effect, is anti-static and even maintains wooden fittings. Brings a new shine and fresh fragrance to the cockpit. Protects plastics against brittleness. Silicone-free.

EGP 210 
Car Care, Accessories, Internal Accessories

Car Care package 5 pieces

1- Stainless Steel Electric Mug With Car Plugin

2- High Power Car Vacuum Cleaner Casles (power : 100W - feeding : 12V DC

3-MICHELIN GLOSSY DASH &TRIM CLEANER 650 ML (Cleans and maintains all plastic components - It contains natural waxes)

4-Clean Up Microfiber Twin ( 2x(30x30cm) (Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide - The box contains 2 pieces)

5-free produc : Catch Caddy Car Seat Catcher, Car Organizer Stops Item Drop

EGP 508 
Car Care, Accessories, Internal Accessories, Accessories

Creative mini gas tank aroma humidifier cool fog 300 ML

  • Design: With the compact portable design, nice shape and unique style: Especially designed for the people who love life.
  • Features: eased our problem of dry eyes, dry cough, dry lips or mouth due to central heating and pollution or dry surroundings, keep face & Skin moist.
  • Large Capacity: 300 ml capacity provides 6 hours of intermittent fog, or 12 hours of constant fog with a car shut-off feature for safety when water runs low.
  • low noise: Ultra quiet make sure you sleep comfortably, easily maneuver the workplace.
  • Material: made from the finest quality material with no toxic materials, no corrosive materials used and it's very durable and eco-friendly.
  • Large capacity, automatic power off, aromatherapy humidification, night light function
  • Multi-function creative gameplay four-in-one: The body comes with a USB expansion interface, free to match the life creativity
  • Spray operation: Turn on the power, click the button to turn on the continuous spray mode; click again to turn on the intermittent spray mode (spray for 3 seconds for 3 seconds); the third click closes all spray patterns
  • Night light/USB operation: Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to turn on the night with USB output mode; press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds again to turn off the normal output of the night light USB, and press the third time for 1.5 seconds to turn off the USB.
  • Expansion USB port: Plug in the USB fan or LED night light directly.

Check Video of the product

EGP 250