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Car Care, Exterior, Winter Collection

Cyclo No7 Rubbing Compound.

Cyclo No7 Rubbing Compound.



Heavy duty paste

Cleans & smoothes rough surfaces

Removes deep scratches & stains

EGP 75 
Car Care, Exterior, Polishing & Wax

Cyclo No7 Clearcoat Polishing Compound

Cyclo No7 Clearcoat Polishing Compound 




Safely eliminates minor scratches & light oxidation

Cleans stains, grime & road film

Restores vehicle appearance

EGP 80 
Car Care, Exterior, Polishing & Wax

Cyclo No7 Auto Polish & Cleaner.

Cyclo No7 Auto Polish & Cleaner.

• New Car Beauty Fast

& Easy Cleans deep down & removes

grime & stains, weathered

paint & dulling road film

• Restores “new-car” brilliance

• Gives a bright, long-lasting


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EGP 199 
Car Care, Exterior, Winter Collection

Cyclo Windshield Washer Solvent Concentrate

Cyclo Windshield Washer Solvent Concentrate

•  Removes Bugs, Road Film & GrimeAdd to windshield washer fluid reservoir

• Use 1 oz. per 1 quart of water

EGP 55 
Car Care, Exterior, Winter Collection

Cyclo Glass Clean.

Cyclo Glass Clean.

• 100% Streakproof Formula Safe for window tinting film

& all auto, marine, farm & industrial equipment

• Cuts grease, grime & nicotine film

• Does not run, contains no ammonia

• Applications: windshields,

plastics, fiberglass, plexiglass,

lexan, acrylic, chrome,

aluminum, stainless steel

EGP 70 
Car Care, Interior, Exterior, Winter Collection

Cyclo Max Clean All-Purpose Cleaner.

Cyclo Max Clean All-Purpose Cleaner.

• The Best for Any

Dirty Job Multi-purpose foaming

cleaner boosted with citrus


• Deep-cleaning foaming action

• Spray on, wipe off

• Applications: vinyl, chrome,

fiberglass, aluminum, granite,

fabric, appliances, machinery,

tools, clothing, & many more

EGP 70 
Car Care, Interior, Exterior

SONAX Scratch remover

Special abrasives remove scratches and blind spots from plastic, rear windows of convertibles, boat and aircraft windows, mobile phone and clock displays, acrylic glass furniture etc.

EGP 115 
Car Care, Exterior, Polishing & Wax


Wax-free paintwork sealing providing hybrid protection of up to 6 months thanks to Net Protection Technology. Offers intensive restoration of the colours and an excellent water-repellent effect. Adhesion of dust, dirt and insect is reduced, thus facilitating cleaning

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EGP 320 
Car Care, Exterior, Accessories

SONAX PremiumClass Nano paint coating NanoPro

Nano-technology based long-lasting sealant for paintwork or painted plastic components. The paintwork is protected by a coating of modified fluorocarbon nano-particles, which are as hard as glass. It freshens up the colours intensively, has a dirt repellent effect, and has an outstanding droplet run off effect. Depending on conditions, provides protection for up to 9 months.

EGP 2800 
Car Care, Exterior

SONAX Headlight Restoration Kit

Set for a cost effective manual restoration of age related yellowed and Matt plastic headlights. In 2 easy steps yellowing, dullness and fine scratches are removed, prior to the long term sealing of the treated surfaces, which are then durably protected against renewed bleaching out. The application restores the headlight’s original clarity. Besides the beautiful appearance of the headlights and a value enhancement for the entire vehicle, the improved luminous efficiency ensures greater driving safety through the ability to see and be seen. For 2 applications on 2 headlights.

EGP 315 
Car Care, Exterior

SONAX Premium Class Saphir power polish

High-End polishing technology based on nano sapphires for paintwork of all types and conditions. The polish completely removes even the finest scratches, wears away weathered paint layers and really freshens up dull colours. It produces a perfect paintwork finish and a very even deep shine, and because it optimally smoothens out the paintwork, it will outlast many washes. It enables a perfect polishing result free from holograms, streaks and clouds, and will also remove any existing holograms. In addition, the product contains Carnauba wax which provides fundamental protection to the treated paintwork surfaces. The set consists of the polish, the special SONAX P-Ball with sponge as well as a high quality Microfiber Cloth.

EGP 1200 
Car Care, Interior, Exterior

SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Set

Effective cleaning and intensive care for all types of smooth leather. Gently and thoroughly remove seven stubborn stains, without leaching out or harming the leather. Restores the leather’s natural pliability and original subtle gloss. Provides the leather with moisture and long-lasting protection against resoling and harmful UV light.

EGP 1650 
Car Care, Exterior

SONAX Premium Class Carnauba care

High quality protection for new and nearly new paintwork. Protects against weathering and other environmental hazards, reduces insect adhesion. Visible results with the droplet run off effect. The highly concentrated Carnauba wax maintains the paintwork and provides a radiant shine. The formula is really easy to polish out and leaves no greasy smears.

EGP 1400 
Car Care, Interior, Tyres & Rims, Exterior

SONAX chrome & Alupaste

Care agent containing polish for aluminium and trim metals such as copper, brass and chrome. Removes rust and blind spots quickly and thoroughly, dissolves dirt and corrosion, restores the original shine and leaves a protective film.

EGP 100 
Car Care, Exterior, Winter Collection, Save Yourself

SONAX Rubber Protectant

Cleans and maintains rubber car components and maintains their elasticity. Extends working life of the rubber and freshens up the colours. Also effortlessly cleans tyres and floor mats, and restores their original fresh appearance.

EGP 105