Motul Super Octane Booster- 300mL

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Motul Super Octane Booster- 300mL

Raises the octane number of RON gasoline by 5 units.

Provides improved combustion of the mixture, prevents detonation and abnormal combustion, improves engine performance, reduces noise and vibration.

Allows to facilitate engine start and dynamic characteristics.

Keeps the combustion chamber clean.

Provides fuel economy and reduced emissions of pollutants.

Application Motul Booster Booster Gasoline

Suitable for all types of gasoline engines: direct injection, injectors, carburettors, atmospheric and with turbochargers, with and without catalysts.

Mode of application

Fill the contents of one bottle of MOTUL SUPER OCTANE BOOSTER GASOLINE into the fuel tank before refueling. 300 ml is designed for a fuel tank with a volume of up to 50 liters.

It is recommended to use the additive regularly.


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