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The base oil used in this oil is prepared from highly pure base oils (up to 99.9%) according to the hydrocracking technology.

This oil is low in viscosity and has a high ability to flow at low temperatures (it does not freeze up to -54 ° C), which leads to its spread and began to work quickly when the car starts to move after parking.

The base oil used in the manufacture of this oil is prepared from fully synthetic ingredients, which are characterized by very high thermal and chemical stability, which makes it last for long periods of service.
Thanks to its low viscosity, which also withstands high temperatures (6 mm2 / s at 100 ° C), it reduces the hydrodynamic losses in the mechanical transmission to a minimum, thereby obtaining additional fuel economy savings while the vehicle is in motion.
It can be used in power steering hydraulic systems, and in conventional gearboxes, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
It contains a special additive package and the atomic restorer in the oil provides effective protection for bearings, gears and hydraulic torque converter and prolongs the service life of the gearbox.
It improves the clutch action of the automatic gears, and provides an uninterrupted transmission
It increases the accuracy of the automatic gearbox and hydraulic systems, and gives driving comfort