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Special Set Of Car Mats FIAT 500X

"Original Special Set Of Car Mats
High Quality Product"

EGP 650 

EZI Extra Power Lube - Blue 326ml

  • Suitable for all kinds of new automotive motors more than 100,000 km for both; petrol and diesel's engines.
  • Reduce engine’s noise and unpleasant sounds.
  • Increases engine life time by 38%.
  • Reduces engine wear up to 71%.
  • Increases horse power by 4.8%.
EGP 195 

Bosch Electric fuel pump, in-tank

Bosch Electric fuel pump, in-tank 2014-2019



EGP 450 

Michelin 12v Programmable Superfast 4X4/SUV Digital Tyre Inflato

MICHELIN Tyre Inflator 2 Cylender Big

Michelin Programmable Superfast 4X4/SUV Digital Tyre Inflator


This high quality Michelin Programmable Super-fast 4x4/SUV Digital Tyre Inflator, is ideal for 4x4s and SUVs. It is easy to use, quiet, powerful and quick. 


Simply plug into a standard 12V power outlet socket, preset your required pressure and switch on for fast, accurate inflation. Ideal for fast pressure top ups - inflates a 13” tyre from flat to 35PSI in under 2 minutes. 


A backlit LED screen makes readings and inflation progress easily visible, and displays readings in PSI, KPA and BAR. 


The integrated LED light is ideal for inflating at night. 


Also included is a three-piece adaptor set for inflating sports balls and other small inflatables and case for tidy storage.


Powerful inflation that is ideal for larger vehicles – 4x4s, SUVs and vans

Inflates a 13” tyre in under 2 minutes

85cm inflation hose

Simple set up

Easy to use- powered from your 12V in car socket, it stops inflating once reached to preset pressure

Long power cable - reaches tyres easily around the vehicle

Comes with storage case

Three piece adaptor set for small inflatables and bikes

Built-in LED light for safer night time use

Watch product video Click here

EGP 1250 

Ezi Extra power lube Blue + flush engine

Ezi Extra power lube Blue

flush engine

EGP 290 

Tungsram Automotive Headlight Lamp H4 Megalight LED +200

LED Retrofit Headlight lamps, ready for use in cars without requiring any other preparation.
Intense blue-white light comparable with xenon.
Daylight in the night - 6000-Kelvin colour temperature for cool white light. White light for safer, more comfortable night-time driving.
Designed for passionate people, looking for adventure, style and ultimate performance.
Superior visibility and comfort for the eye.
Better detection of signs and obstacles.
Long-lasting LED - durable headlights, that can last as long as your car. Install once, no more need for replacement.
Controlled electromagnetic disturbance will not interfere with on-board electronics such as FM radio.
Aesthetic design.


12V 24W

EGP 2375 

SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior

Ideal for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibers absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. The best results are obtained by using the cloth dry.

EGP 75 

Armrest box Nissan Sunny N17

Armrest box Nissan Sunny N17 2015-2018



EGP 200 
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SONAX polish & wax color Black

Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints. Colour pigments cover small scratches. Gives the paint colours powerful radiance and a brilliant high gloss that lasts for months. Provides outstanding long-term protection. Cleans, polishes and protects in one operation. With additional Color Pen, in the 500 ml bottle.

EGP 220 

EZI Gear & Differential Treatment

Compatible with: gearbox (manual and automatic) and the differential.

Reduces noise and smooth shifting.

EGP 85 
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Ultra Heavy Duty 2 Cylinder 12v Auto Air Compressor 60 Liter per minute

Ultra Heavy Duty 2 Cylinder 12v Auto Air Compressor 60 Liter per minute

Brand China High Quality

Twin head air compressor DC12V.

Dual cylinders.

Gear less with a direct drive motor.

Designed for use with big vehicles.

Maximum voltage and amperage of 13.8V/30A.

Extra power and airflow (60L/m).

Maximum pressure: 150PSI/10bar.

3.6m DC power cord with crocodile clips.

7.5m extension coil hose with gauge and quick release coupling .

Ideal for all cars / suvs / trucks bike

EGP 425 

SONAX Application sponge

Special sponge with reinforced white grip side and extra finely pored yellow sponge side. Extremely versatile for the exterior application of polishes, waxes and plastic care products.

EGP 85 
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Motor Oil Amsoil Signature Series 0w20 - 946ml (Long life 25K)

Signature Series 

This class is designed to outperform all mineral and synthetic motor oils. This category is one of the most important strengths that distinguishes Amsoil from others. And the culmination of more than 40 years of experience Synthetic oils manufacturing technology is assembled with distinctive additions in a distinctive combination to exceed the highest requirements Performance of modern engines.

This exclusive combination of Amphiswell ensures that engine performance is upgraded and delivers the highest performance rates.

Up to 40, 000 kilos or more.

• Duration of occupancy: 40,000 km or more (in natural ways)

• Term of occupancy: 25,000 km a year closer (in arduous ways). Egypt

Approvals :

• Duration of occupancy: 40,000 km or more (in natural ways)

• Term of occupancy: 25,000 km a year closer (in arduous ways). Egypt

API SN (Resource Conserving), SM…;


GM dexos1Gen 2 (supersedes 6094M);

; Ford WSS-M2C947-A;

Chrysler MS-6395; ILSAC GF-5, GF-4…

Fortified with detergents that exceed

the dexos1 Gen 2 sulfated ash specification


EGP 225 

Amsoil Brake Fluid Dot 3 & Dot 4

Designed to protect ingredients against corrosion, reduce friction, give longer life to components and resist temperatures

EGP 150 

Amsoil Engine Flush

Importance: Put when metal oils are changed more than once.. When using oils More than once, it leads to a residue.

So the al-Fesh is to remove the sediment and clean the motor oil cycle. It is characterized as being used in boys and diesel engines

Method of use: Put in the old oil for 10:15 minutes And the car will be working while it is standing and then the oil will be changed

Note: Not used in the CVT 

EGP 200